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Kenya has been endowed with a big chunk of the great rift valley.Running at a length of 6000 km from the middle east in northern Syria, through to east Africa in central Mozambique.The riftvalley runs almost the length of Kenya.

There are 7 Lakes on the floor of the Kenyan rift valley, among these are lake Naivasha being the highest in elevation at 1910 m A.S.L and 80km from the capital city of Nairobi, then lake nakuru and bogoria 156km and 290 km respectively. All with a rich flora and fauna and  each with a world recognized unique physical features. They offer a similary unique safari for the adventurer.



Early morning drive to lake Naivasha and hells gate national park for a whole day of adventurous activities.


Lake Naivasha is the most beautiful lake in the great rift valley whose size is 139 square km.  It is a complete contradiction to the adjoining hells gate national park in terms of physical features.

A fresh warter lake surrounded by many a flower farm with their big green houses,a mixture of both agricultural tour, bird watching and hiking is a real possibility.The shores of the lake are fringed with a swamp of dense clumps of papyrus with an abundant birdlife(400 species have been spotted) and can be navigated in a motor boat.

The adjoining Hells gate national park is an enigma on its own right,covering an area of 68.25 square km,it is very warm and dry with 2 walls of towering rock which used to be the lakes outlet now elevated 10 m higher than the present lake and presently being the entrance into the park. The Fischers tower and the central tower depicting the great works of nature. The park is one of the only two where you can both cycle or walk in the midst of wild animals.

At rangers post tighten your hiking  boots and your spirit of adventure to hike down the hellsgate gorge lined with red walls and volcanic plugs. A geothermal power station rumbles somewhere nearby ,generating green renewable power from steam harnessed from the volcanic underground.

About 103 species of birds are found here, vereux eagle, augur buzzard, lammergeyer vulture being just a highlight. You can also see the African buffalo, the maasai giraffe, the serval cat and least of all the olive baboon.

After the adventure you will retire to a lodge or campsite at the shores of the lake to savour sundowners,dinner and overnight stay.


Day 2

Early morning drive to lake nakuru national park to arrive at for a game drive to behold


Lake Nakuru has always been considered a flamingo lake par excellence, the contrast and apparent dislocation between the shallow soda lake and its primeval birds and its animated woodlands give the park a very distinctive appeal.

Located156 km fro Nairobi and 70 km from lake Naivasha,an elevation of 1754m A.S.L. The park lies 3 km outside the cosmopolitan provincial town of Nakuru.This park is world famous as the location of the greatest bird spectacle in the world. Myriads of fuschia pink flamingoes whose numbers are legion often more than a million or even 2 million.The park has been declared a rhino and bird sanctuary.Both the white rhino and the black rhino present with an almost sure spotting.450 species of birds have been recorded here. Lions leopard, the rare Rothschild giraffe, buffaloes, spotted and stripped hyenas can be spotted here.

Endowed with strategic view  points high above the pink shores, the scenic beauty of the park can be savoured from the baboon cliff and out of Africa look out view points among others.

Lunch will be   a picnic at one of the beautiful spots in the park.Dinner and overnight stay at one of the lodges in the park or hotel in Nakuru town.



Start early for the drive through the beautiful Tugen country passing through some of the most scenic areas in Kenya. Arrive at the Spa resort at for coffee and on ward drive to lake  bogoria nearby.


Lying close to Ng`endalel escarpment, the reserve is about 290 km from Nairobi and 133 km from Nakuru the lake is at an elevation of 990m A.S.L. With the escarpment rising 610m above the lake Bogoria is scenically the most spectacular and dramatic of all rift valley lakes .Long, narrow and deep.It is strong alkaline and surrounded by a dense impenetrable thorn bush. Around  the lake a number of hot spring and geysers, sometimes spewing hot water up to a height of  5m high. There are times when lake Bogoria is home to millions of flamingos. To watch skeins of them flying a long the lake against the geysers and through the white steam from the hot springs is a wondrous sight not easy to forget. A variety of birdlife and animals can be spotted here including the rare lesser Kudu,

After the excursion to the hot springs, it will be a welcome relief to dip oneself into the naturally heated pool at the spa resort and later dinner and overnight stay.



Departure for Nairobi or your next destination.

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