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The dramatic semi-arid scrubland of the northern frontier, with the sculpture like hills and bare plains , with its unique riverine shrub and forests of palmfrods along the unpredictable Uaso nyiro river, snaking along the plains to water the abundant plant and wildlife along its path. Spectacular towers of reticulated girraffes,the unique grevy zebra, herds of the beisa oryx, the browsing long necked gerenuk,the gracely dik dik and klipslinger.Associated predators, the kingly lion, sly leopard and the speeding cheetah, not forgetting the scavenging hyena and the big eared wild dogs. The big mouthed hippo and the African croc not forgetting herds of the African elephants, all find their home here. The bird life here is also very good for the bird lover with the presence of many a specie.


Head north through the central farmlands past the scenic Aberdare ranges and the towering peaks of mt Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. Down through the plains of the northern frontier, into samburu national reserve through isiolo and archers post .Arrive for lunch and rest at the lodge / tented camp. Then have a sunset game drive along the Uaso nyiro river and adjoining scrub land.


Further exploration of this fascinating reserve awaits you. Early morning game drive as the African sun peeps from behind the hills and a sunset game drive giving you a chance to explore the worlds most spectacular and exciting terrain.


Sunrise game drive, breakfast and departure to your next destination.

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