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As much as we strive to show case our beautiful country, we also love to work with people coming to our country for mission trips and charity work. In fact most of our clients are people who have come to our country to do charity y work and also savor the beauty of our country and the hospitality of the people of this land as they continue to do good and uplift the standards of the underprivileged.

We work with individuals and large groups of missionaries from different countries who come to work in already established projects or who come to establish charitable projects. We with them by providing them with logistical support and our team of guides jump right in to the teams and become one team in work that we can help.

We also guide the new charitable groups in all they need to know about the processes in our country, where to purchase supplies, the best accommodation they can use while working with their projects.

Missions and charity is part of us and we will strive to offer the best prices for our clients while we showcase our beautiful land.

We design these mission/ charity work packages according to specific needs area of operation and preference of our clients to enable them to fulfill their desired results.

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